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Anonymous said: How to become a member of The Order? Who runs this blog?

To join The Order, a UVA student must be selected for recruitment.

This blog is run by members of The Order. 

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To escape into someone else’s head would be a blessed relief… Nothing that even Snape had left him could be worse than his own thoughts. 

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The Lovegoods lived near Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England, close to Weasley and Diggory families. They were regarded as unusual by other wizarding families. Xenophilius Lovegood was an editor of The Quibbler. It is unknown if they were pure-blood, Luna and possibly her father belonged to Ravenclaw. Mrs Lovegood died in an accident when she was experimenting with potions in 1990. Later on, Luna became a naturalist and married Rolf Scamander and had two children, Lorcan and Lysander.

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Assuming I survive our hunt for the Horcruxes, 
I’ll find Mum and Dad and lift the enchantment. 
If I don’t — well, 
I think I’ve cast a good enough charm to keep them safe and happy. 
Wendell and Monica Wilkins don’t know that they’ve got a daughter, 
you see.

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"Mischief Managed!"

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the cup was said to possess many magical powers…

the cup was said to possess many magical powers…

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